A Song of Hope

I heard the words of Fate from o’er the valley,
Amid the mist that told me to comply:
To get with Destiny on my comportment
And walk the steps they’ve laid out, till I die –

But in the fog, I heard a voice like Freedom,
That maybe I had something left to give —
That I could make it, over the embankment,
And rise up on my Hope, and start to live

But Life is cruel in its evisceration,
I’ve seen the blade that cuts the youngest flower –
And sometimes, we keep low, to stay unnoticed,
And sometimes we will try to scale the Tower —

But in the fog, I hear refrains of Passion,
That everyone who lives, is life itself –
That maybe I can rise above defining
And find the Key up on the highest shelf

I will not take advice from a defeatist;
I know that I might fall, but I will try –
They say it’s all hot air that I am blowing
But sometimes that can be enough
To fly

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