Ocean Of Regret

The Daily Post Writing Challenge

Hindsight is 20-20

What if you had the power to rewrite history? You do.

= = = = =

My choices for the future
Have been so very poor
That if I could rewrite the past
I am not quite so sure

That I’d do a good job of it.
My ignorance is great:
I don’t know what I ought to know
Or learn it far too late

The power to reform the past
Would mean I knew a way
To make things come out better than
The way they have today

But I’m not sure I would know how:
Concerning death and life
There’s misery that I might cause
New untold pain and strife

And so I sit here, paralyzed.
I’ve all this power, but yet:
I’m drowning as a parent
In an ocean
Of regret

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