How Soon They Forget

A boy and his mother, slowly walking Kids voices behind them, indistinct His head down, she reaches out to stroke his hair He says to her, as they reach the car, “I’m not good at sports.” Stopping beside the car, She looks at him, this little man (he’s become) And says, “Sure, you are.” “No, … Continue reading "How Soon They Forget"

Parenting vs Rocket Science

So… We’re all rocket scientists And each get eighteen years Before the day to launch comes, and The rocket disappears You might be aiming for the moon But here’s the special deal: This rocket has it’s own desires And will go where it will It isn’t how you aimed it, or What you thought it … Continue reading "Parenting vs Rocket Science"

Ranger Tower

[Day 8 of my self-imposed 30 day prose challenge. – Owen] For many years you’ve looked out for the first sign of fire. Day after day, in a tower that gets more isolated with the passage of time, you’ve kept watch. You climb those long steps, because they get you to where you can see. … Continue reading "Ranger Tower"

The Last Guest

Regret – The last guest to leave After the party is long over . . . (Inspired by this amazing poem)


nights when they are crying you do all you can to comfort them and when heartbreak comes in teenage years your heart breaks, too you pour out every lesson you’ve ever learned share every enthusiasm you know and shape your very existence around attempts to bring them joy teach them right from wrong give them … Continue reading "parenting"