A Parent’s Fate

We do not know the ways we hurt our kids
Although we try our parents not to be;
We think if we’re not them, that is enough
And miss the faults we are too blind to see

But our kids see them everyday, and so
They build a catalog out of our sins;
And grow to want to be nothing like us
With our forgotten love
Shoved into bins

9 thoughts on “A Parent’s Fate

  1. I know I’m far from perfect which is why I try my best to let them know I’m not perfect I make mistakes too. That’s all I really know.

  2. I always try to let my kids know I’m not perfect but I try my best. Sometimes parents try to act like they do nothing wrong. For me, if you are truthful – and strive to do your best -they will be thankful.

  3. This is so true, I’m still young, so this makes me feel really guilty… I mean parents can’t be perfect, it is a flawed world, and it doesn’t help that kids like me are selfish and prideful. At the end of the day, I guess it comes down to unconditional love.

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