{ history. }

My grandmother's wallpaper had patterns, like her pillows, scratchy and flowered, like a farm allergy. My grandmother's bookshelves had books by Ethel M. Dell, and E.M. Hull, along with National Geographic Coffee table books, And I, at age five, wanted to read them all, under feeble table lamps by flowery wallpaper leaning on rough feeling … Continue reading "{ history. }"

order, pattern

looking for the answers trying to find the reasons honesty, security, danger and malfeasance each of these and all of it, ordered like a tile, trying to make this sprawling world line up single file wasn't it just yesterday our first self-cleaning oven, wasn't it the latest thing to get a microwave, wasn't it this … Continue reading "order, pattern"

a little awestruck

a great blue over a pure gold flecked with red the fall, like water, flowing through the traveler, returning gladness a welcoming place, wreathed in autumn's calm glow, where the walker stops hearing finally the voice that reminds him that good is by a pond, trees like new angels spreading wings, scattered leaves on the … Continue reading "a little awestruck"

Going On

There’s nothing going on with me. I do not sleep that well, it’s true, But in today’s economy, There’s much to think about, and do: Societal inequities, And spiritual eschewing — There’s nothing much for me to do, Except, to just keep doing. Some ask me why I post so much: The words keep dancing … Continue reading "Going On"

All Of This Togetherness

All of this togetherness... I'm here for it! But I'm here for everything. It's a kind of game, a dance: Giving space and making space When you're confined together in What's meant to be a loving place And so, to keep it loving, you Must make each move with special care, And be there for … Continue reading "All Of This Togetherness"

She Shelters

She shelters of an autumn evening, Bathing in the indigo; Blanketed by stars emerging To the night's adagio Sounds for hearing and for healing, She elates in all of this -- Sheltered underneath November, Wrapped in wonder, sheathed In bliss Many hearts to her will come: She shelters, She shelters -- Pained and aching, lost … Continue reading "She Shelters"

Don’t Think You Know

In a world without contact, Stories take on greater meaning, And images, even more. We write stories with our eyes, Changing what we see into Some familiar tale, because Familiarity is comfortable. You see me, yes, but Don't think you know How my story has gone, or Where it's going without Hearing it from me; … Continue reading "Don’t Think You Know"

The Man I Am

The man I am’s not set in stone, Yet every day I stratify These layers that have been my life That hide beneath, and calcify Into what only digging up Could bring again into the light; But no one needs to dig down there, Yet, given the man I am, I might I always fell … Continue reading "The Man I Am"

Fall Foliage

As mornings cool, I think about your love. I didn't know it in your greenest days, When warm and young, the year awoke in you, A whole new life emerging from the dark, Into the spring -- discovery and growth -- A verdure ready for the summer blaze, That brought with it a wilting of … Continue reading "Fall Foliage"