Going On

 There’s nothing going on with me.
 I do not sleep that well, it’s true,
 But in today’s economy,
 There’s much to think about, and do:
   Societal inequities,
   And spiritual eschewing —
   There’s nothing much for me to do,
   Except, to just keep doing.

 Some ask me why I post so much:
 The words keep dancing in my head;
 They follow me into the streets,
 And haunt me while I lie in bed,
   Like circles made of rumination,
   Choices, always ruing —
   And how, now, do I handle this?
   Get up, and just keep doing.

   I’m hidden in plain sight, my diagram,
   And much more what I do than

   Who I am
 Much that’s going on
 Becomes, full stop,
 Much that never really went.

 We waste our worry
 As directed
 And never realize it.

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