Peace & Onions

gallimaufry interlude sandwiches and funyuns love among the doodling signs of peace and onions afterburner overdrive sophistry regalia meme that reaches everywhere of the pax vidalia whimsy, doves, and flower-buds people freed from dungeons gallimaufry interlude love & peace & onions he was locked in a padded room, unsure how he got there, but pretty … Continue reading "Peace & Onions"

A Bleak Perspective

I love this aching emptiness, I need this wild ruin; A stage to highlight vanity And make my big debut in To get away from all the hype, The rancor, and invective -- And realize how small I am: An exigent Perspective Some people see a scene like this, and say, "I could not live … Continue reading "A Bleak Perspective"

those before

we wrestle long with those before who do not seem to comprehend the way the world has changed, amid the broken ways that they defend we walk to work to change the world then turn to look, alone and sore, astonished that we're where we are, and that we now are "those before" how many … Continue reading "those before"


She's thinking about all those times that she deferred, or didn't say the words upon her mind, or heart; too many times, it's gone that way -- And often, other's feelings are the cause of her reluctance, which others don't return, there is no mutual inductance -- But thoughtfulness is weird, it's like a habit … Continue reading "Thoughtfulness"

to me gray

the day comes to me gray, and speaks of distant shores and tidal wreck; we are no more than spray that lands upon the rocks, the shore, a deck -- a bit of motion brief, a wash that slow recedes back into time; a vapor of belief, that's gone, or ossifies to frost and rime … Continue reading "to me gray"

the hours, a horizon…

the hours, a horizon that never seems to end, the weight, a type of puzzle she cannot comprehend the small things are the problem, but none are really small -- the hours, a horizon with no real end at all Sometimes, with choices, both of them seem good: Two jobs on offer, each of them … Continue reading "the hours, a horizon…"

A Neither Kind of Both

I run outside To greet the dawn But it is noon And so I yawn And stretch my two arms Out to hold My day, now only Seconds old Then think "I should go back to bed,” For waking's full Of fear and dread, And so then with A muttered oath I go, A neither … Continue reading "A Neither Kind of Both"

off a little

off a little, in the distance,  comes a pattern strange and bold;  by the time we understand it,  it is gone, and we are old.  "off a little", so they tell me:  people steer around, away --  maybe i'm not off that much, just  on some other world  or day we wonder, don't we, all … Continue reading "off a little"

another first love

his name was alan, both were just fourteen when music by the pool and glowing nights turned into an prolixity of stars that spanned the galaxy of her emotions into regions she was sure that no one ever felt before -- her name was velvet, he had never known a person quite so perfect, and … Continue reading "another first love"