A Bleak Perspective

 I love this aching emptiness,
 I need this wild ruin;
 A stage to highlight vanity
 And make my big debut in

 To get away from all the hype,
 The rancor, and invective --
 And realize how small I am:
 An exigent

 Some people see a scene like this, and say,
 "I could not live with all this solitude;
  This dreary sameness, each and every day.
  No variation -- snow and quietude."

 While others, see a city street, and muse,
 "Who wants the noise, pollution, and the stress?
  Give me some space and quiet to diffuse
  The chaos, so that I can decompress --"

 I'm not an urbanite, so I'm with those
 Who easily could be at home out here:
 I don't like crowds at all, and I suppose
 That what might give me hope, gives others fear --

  But people differ, what seems bleak to one
  Night seem to someone else a lot of fun
 the ancient
 lives in the footsteps

 across the wild lands
 bare and bleak
 that we call our hearts

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