She's thinking about all those times
  that she deferred, or didn't say
  the words upon her mind, or heart;
  too many times, it's gone that way --

 And often, other's feelings are
  the cause of her reluctance,
  which others don't return, there is
  no mutual inductance --

 But thoughtfulness is weird, it's like
  a habit she can't really break,
  and when she tries to just let go,
  the questions come, the doubt, the ache --

 She's thinking about all the years
  invested in such latency,
  and she won't give up sharing "nice",
  but she might change who all is a


 You think about her all the time,
 And every night she floods your dreams;
 Your mind, it wanders where it will
 And does not balk at the extremes
 Imagination can create.
 The images, a flow-through --
 Yes, she's created thoughtfulness
 Although she doesn't

 Know you

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