A Neither Kind of Both

 I run outside
 To greet the dawn
 But it is noon
 And so I yawn

 And stretch my two arms
 Out to hold
 My day, now only
 Seconds old

 Then think
 "I should go back to bed,”
 For waking's full
 Of fear and dread,

 And so then with
 A muttered oath
 I go,
 A neither kind of both.
 For what are choices,
 Confetti on the floor
 I say,

 A decorated
 That each are small,
 But total huge.

 So I won't make them,
 Or I will --
 Time wrecks, and so
 It's time we kill --

 But doing nothing
 Can be growth:
 That's me --
 A neither kind

 Of both

 they were both friends and lovers,
 and neither of them lied
 in saying they were impassed,
 and that the other side
 of it was just to go two ways.
 it's just one of those things:
 a neither kind of both, they were,
 two empty

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