order, pattern

 looking for the answers
 trying to find the reasons
 honesty, security,
 danger and malfeasance
 each of these and all of it,
 ordered like a tile,
 trying to make this sprawling world
 line up

 single file
 wasn't it just yesterday
 our first self-cleaning oven,
 wasn't it the latest thing 
 to get a microwave,

 wasn't it this morning that
 our compact discs were filling
 up the shelves besides our
 dvd's beside our books?

 but change is what's in order, and
 new things comprise the pattern;
 life is always spinning
 even when the days are slow

 and all that was is gone, forever,
 eighty, sixty, forty --
 or even if you landed here on earth

 three years ago

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