She Shelters

 She shelters of an autumn evening,
 Bathing in the indigo;
 Blanketed by stars emerging
 To the night's adagio

 Sounds for hearing and for healing,
 She elates in all of this --
 Sheltered underneath November,
 Wrapped in wonder, sheathed

 In bliss
 Many hearts to her will come:
She shelters,
She shelters --
Pained and aching, lost and numb:
She knows,
She knows --

The arms she spreads are
for the world,
And like a sky at night

They come in wonder, seeking hope;
She tries,
She tries --
They ask for solace, or a touch;
She cries,
She cries --

And in presence of
each ghost
Of those she's loved
the best the most,
She ties each lost heart
to her post,
and shelters,

she shelters

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