Fall Foliage

 As mornings cool, I think about your love.
 I didn't know it in your greenest days,
 When warm and young, the year awoke in you,
 A whole new life emerging from the dark,

 Into the spring -- discovery and growth --
 A verdure ready for the summer blaze,
 That brought with it a wilting of desire,
 Even as love began its slow retreat.

 And when I came, the summer still in view,
 The color shift began; the red, the gold, 
 A mist upon the lake of my regard,
 The gift of you, as you revealed yourself --

 And love like none I ever thought I'd know,
 Touched me with colors, setting us

She loves these mornings by the lake
Before the noisy day begins;
When every sip of tea,
And breath she takes,
And secret smile
Are precious


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