The Man I Am

The man I am’s not set in stone,
Yet every day I stratify
These layers that have been my life
That hide beneath, and calcify

Into what only digging up
Could bring again into the light;
But no one needs to dig down there,
Yet, given the man I am,

I might
I always fell
For the girls who
Told good stories —
It’s quaint, I know.
I’m a throwback 
Through and through —

And when I found love,
It was just like
In the movies,
The one you know
Is just the one
For you —

But life is a 
Fragile thing, a
Paper airplane;
And love is those
Brief few moments
In the air —

It’s hard to believe
I’d ever view
This scenery,
For no one could
See me here who
Knew me


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