Don’t Think You Know

 In a world without contact,
 Stories take on greater meaning,
 And images, even more.

 We write stories with our eyes,
 Changing what we see into
 Some familiar tale, because
 Familiarity is comfortable.

 You see me, yes, but
 Don't think you know
 How my story has gone, or
 Where it's going without
 Hearing it from me;
 My life, and it is
 My voice, and
 My agency
 That determines me.

 And I will pay you
 The same respect:
 No assumptions, 
 No need on my part to
 Fill in details for you.

 Let us know that we do not know,
 And do the work it takes
 To know.

 Then, despite of any lack of
 Physical proximity,
 We will have made

 assembly line of {categories}
 turning out our {theys} and {its}
 who's the {maid} and who's the {maven}
 dwelling here within {the ritz}?

 seeing means {interpretation}
 {lenses} that we bring with us
 but our {questions} dare not differ
 that is seen as


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