Beside the Frozen Lake

He walked beside the frozen lake Remembering when she was here, The days of love and happiness That gave way to the night of fear, And loneliness, and jealousy, With all their ruination — And yet, it’s like she’s back again Just seeing this Location

Folded In December

Along a path within the snow He makes his nervous way; He has a little way to go, So thinks of what he’ll say — There is a hope he knows is small, A chance to really feel — But folded in December, he Cannot see what is real. He walks up to her shining … Continue reading "Folded In December"


they stood beside the frozen lake; bare winter was at hand — he’d always felt her reticence, but didn’t understand she looked at him with so much love, then drew herself a breath, and though a tear was in her eye, she looked a bit like death — but she was honest to the core, … Continue reading "substitute"

Toy Village

He built himself a world of toys, Each new piece full of passion, And added to it, year on year, In spite of changing fashion. I watched in wonder as a boy, And marveled at the scale, Imagining myself down there, Within that lavish detail — But all around, his family sank. His sons and … Continue reading "Toy Village"

Took The Truth

One summer day, She walked into his study And told him she didn’t love him anymore. That it wasn’t his fault, And there wasn’t anyone else, But that she needed something more Than he could give. That weekend, A moving van pulled up, And within four hours She and every sign of her Was gone. … Continue reading "Took The Truth"

Snow Hollow

Mid-December of that year, he decided to go to the cabin anyway. For much of that year, after his wife Angie’s death in late January, he had done virtually nothing. He was surrounded by memories of her at every turn, and that was where he wanted and needed to be. She had been sick for a long time, “so … Continue reading "Snow Hollow"

Everything… and Nothing

It was only three weeks, but he was absolutely in love. Love, however, doesn’t always flow both ways. It had been a late April day when he was stopped after class by one of his professors and told he was needed as an emergency replacement to accompany a flutist at her upcoming senior recital. Her regular accompanist had broken a … Continue reading "Everything… and Nothing"

Through A Window

She wandered through a window And turned to herself to glass A multicolored symbiote In hues of different class She made her sorrow beautiful She made her joy be known Then folded into nothingness And left him there Alone