Took The Truth

One summer day,
She walked into his study
And told him she didn’t love him anymore.
That it wasn’t his fault,
And there wasn’t anyone else,
But that she needed something more
Than he could give.

That weekend,
A moving van pulled up,
And within four hours
She and every sign of her
Was gone.

He sat in his almost empty living room,
Wondering what to do next.
Only, there didn’t seem to be a ‘next’.
Plenty of ‘lasts‘, though.

He didn’t tell the people at work.
He didn’t tell his sister.
He just kept living:
Going to work, and
Evading questions, like
“What’s Janice wearing to the party?”

Probably nothing, he mused.
But who knows.
What he said was
“We won’t be able to come this year.”

Why did he hide the truth?
You might ask

Same reasons we all do.

Sometimes people leave us,
And it feels like they took the truth
With them.

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