He thought they’d had, for them, A quite good day. He took the garbage out Before she asked, complimented Her on the new hair style, and Listened for some time after Inquiring as to her day He tried to make eye contact as She was taking unusable things out If the refrigerator and moving them … Continue reading "Recoiled"

He Couldn’t Help

He couldn’t help but look, She was so elegant — He couldn’t help but try To talk to her He couldn’t help but fall in love, It seemed so right; The next few weeks and months Were all a blur — But she was more than just a look, She’d known of hurt: The monsters … Continue reading "He Couldn’t Help"

Filling Station

Once A woman and her husband Stopped at this place She, eight months with child He, thinking about walking out And the drive had been a tense one Old wounds reopened Fresh hurts on display And an old couple was there At the same time Laughing while they pumped gas They asked her when the … Continue reading "Filling Station"


“No one remembers the former generations, and even those yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow them.” Part 1 Cruel laughter rings Around a five-year-old boy Look at the little baby! He carries a teddy bear! And tears appear in the eyes Of the young, confused boy And the toy bear Part … Continue reading "Generations"

One “Can’t”

“You can be anything,” she said,   In a quiet moment before bed,   But the child could see some sadness there   And so asked, “Mom, what’s wrong?”   The mother paused with a distant stare,   As though she could see someone standing there;   And said, “You could be President, for sure, … Continue reading "One “Can’t”"

{ humble. }

One. The mist and rain, a gray wet towel Upon the earth. The trees in layers, Steeples, traffic lights – and one, A straggling car, drives slowly down A hidden byway, fire hydrant lost, A wood fence rotting in the damp, Along a pitted driveway where A bent mailbox sits rusting. Pulling in. = = … Continue reading "{ humble. }"

Reroutes (3)

He worked a farm in summer To save and pay for college, Just sun and soil and sweat He traded in for knowledge, And though things didn’t go Exactly as he’d planned, He told his son that one day He would understand. The jobs were hard and varied, His effort though, unflagging, His son could … Continue reading "Reroutes (3)"

Her Name Was Paige

He was a superhero then, At nine years old (in his own mind) And she sat in the front of class And stood by him in lunchroom line, He’d see her on her bike sometimes In Spring, a pink and purple blur; Her name was Paige, and when he thought At all of girls, he … Continue reading "Her Name Was Paige"

The Day of Her Departure

She heard the wind across the way; Her chest grew tight, the sky turned gray, And all she knew just fell away, The day of her departure She wanted more, she needed more; She didn’t know what was in store But wanted time – a leisure tour – A world both ripe and larger It … Continue reading "The Day of Her Departure"