The High, High Palace of Kerapos

IN the high, high palace of Kerapos
Sat a brooding king, and his lovely queen,
In the days of Sharitan dynasty,
By a village, lake, and stream —

He pondered and said, “Is it worth it all
To rule but never be free to go
When a warrior’s spirit longs to roam
Where the broad, broad rivers flow?”

Said she, “But you are free to go, good sir,
With your scabbard and sword, and your diamond shield,
To see the good world that you long to see
Past river, hill, and field …

Just know: you’ve a kingdom that needs you, too,
With a wife, also, and a child or two,
And adventures enough, if you look around:
I daresay many are there to be found.”

In the high, high palace of Kerapos,
Sat a king who thought, but with much less thirst,
In the days of the Sharitan dynasty
With a queen who thought better, and thought it


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