[Originally posted 8-31-2013] A certain boy was charged by his best friend to take a note to a certain girl. He took the note and went on his way. Although the note was sealed, his curiosity got the better of him, and he pried the note open and read it: I like you. Do you … Continue reading "Middleboy"

an invasion, of sorts

If you look at a map of Normandy, You will see roads and channels – no valise. It was a strange discomfiture to know; Scant help would be forthcoming, few police, Just one lone woman, who was sweet and kind.     But she could never carry     All that I had on my … Continue reading "an invasion, of sorts"

Lab Work

A drop of blood, A plate of glass, A microscope, The moments pass Then in the swim, A nascency Of one more day And one more Tragedy

Morning’s Here

She doesn’t know. It’s like she was a stranger; With dawning fear, He must find his way through — She doesn’t know; Lord knows, he hasn’t told her — The morning’s here To do what what he must do