So, Don’t —

You tell me that your heart is torn, Because I cruelly scoff – So, don’t — don’t fall in love with me — You’ll be much better off I am the way I am, and you Are better off to know it — You say I show no feelings: If I had them, I would … Continue reading "So, Don’t —"

… so much fun …

this place is so much fun, and yet they tell me to be calm: but hey, what could be funner than to “run away” from mom?

A Winter Dream

I dreamed a winter dream tonight, Of snow upon the hills, Of ice that’s frozen on the pond, A northern wind that chills I dreamed the world was cold and bleak, But then I saw you there — You said, “It’s fucking cold,” Then I woke up – just thought I’d share

A Face You’ve Never Seen

There’s a face you’ve never seen, A song you’ve never heard; To think that you have no hope left Might really be absurd For what that song would do to you Might be worth all that’s going: And how that face might heal your heart, There really is No knowing

A Thought on Love

Love is never trivial or small: No matter how trivial the occasion, Or how small the recipient

Summer’s Kiss

Let passion run along the shore, With wind and water in your hair; Leave all that worrying behind, And give up all your care Make every moment worth the time, Full knowing all the joy in this — Yes, lose yourself in warmth and love And feel sweet summer’s Kiss

In A Thousand Things

“Le cœur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point. On le sent en mille choses.” “The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know. We feel it in a thousand things.” – Blaise Pascal I find love in a thousand things, An autumn day, a summer night; I find it in by … Continue reading "In A Thousand Things"

There’s Nothing Wrong With Having Fun

There’s nothing wrong with having fun, In fact, I advocate it — Most people would agree, I know: The point’s rarely debated. So guys, take your gals to the beach, A trip that’s highly rated: And gals – if you wear bathing suits, I promise – We won’t Hate it