Autumn Best

I think I love the autumn best Of all the seasons of the year; It reawakens dormant zest With palette bright and clear I love the colors, love the feel Of all that comes within the fall; And spending it with you, I know I love the best Of all

Moment Lost

I turn to look; you’re looking off away. I freeze the image in my head, and smile – Another moment lost within another day, But not by me, your loving Photophile

it’s only love*

poets love to speak of flowers, beauty that soon fades; of mysteries beyond our powers, endless masquerades — today, i speak of only this: a simple, common feeling — it’s only love that lights the sky and that can bring us healing [*In honor of my friend Mer, I gave this one the title of … Continue reading "it’s only love*"

through new eyes

through new eyes the world is new again, and we become new as well

a poem for my wife

a season, out-of-season – so is she who stands beside me on this journey brief; though may i sink beneath anxiety, and run aground of every brand new reef, she carries spring around as though her right. i’m sure it is as legal as a deed, to turn a cold wind mild, day to night, … Continue reading "a poem for my wife"

Human Kites

Just so long, we’re reeled out, and then no more: We do not know how long will be the string — But I can tell you this: with you, I’ve flown, And wouldn’t trade this life For anything

The Shallow Truth

I am guy, I’m shallow: It’s just true. I hate to see you go But love The view

seen in fall

the fall is full of maple leaves, and eyes who’s sparkle win ya — but she who owns them’s hard to find, because she’s so darn ninja

love’s ever

she knows the way of darkness, she long felt it in her youth; and she has known inconstancy from those who owed her truth but here, she sees a different way, and so inside is glowing – love’s ever friend, besotted by the joy of simply growing