Choosing to Become

As a teenage boy, I didn’t realize The degree to which some girls, every day, Turn themselves into works of art. I only ever saw The finished product, and I Assumed girls looked the way they did Having expended as little effort as I had. (My sister was much older, and Taught me nothing useful … Continue reading "Choosing to Become"


she sees handwriting everywhere – in waves, in clouds, in bits of shells — the signature that guides her hope, the miracle in parallels – for “Mirielle” means “Miracle”, and such she is, to me — where laughs the ocean as it breathes, the signatory sea she sees lace curtains everywhere – in mist and … Continue reading "handwriting."

Mutually Assured Striving

When we were first expecting, it was All so strange and weird; I couldn’t even count the many Things we hoped, or feared – And we were still so young, but yet We did the best we could – With so much raw emotion, and So little understood. The years go by, and knowledge fails, … Continue reading "Mutually Assured Striving"

Sweet Mirielle

The signs you read are in the air, And so you worry, endlessly: But here, there is no enmity Enveloped in the love we share   The joy in which we both take part Can soothe our souls amidst the strife; So know – you are my warmth and life, Sweet Mirielle, my love, my … Continue reading "Sweet Mirielle"

each miracle

and so i count each miracle and add up my amounts, but it’s the miracles themselves that are what really counts

how fashioned

old-fashioned or in fashion i don’t know; to me, you’re you — and that is quite the show

fiesta del sol

ah, vacations in the sun when we had time in lavishness – those moments that i treasure from our younger, freer days — but images get bleached as we go on to age and feebleness, and much that i remember seems to vanish in the haze so let me now remember all i’ve seen, before … Continue reading "fiesta del sol"