I See It In Your Eyes


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The love has gone, I see it in your eyes.
The spark no longer there, the restlessness —
I wonder how we got in such a mess,
And find, in looking back, to my surprise

That love’s turned into memories of two;
Of winter kisses when your lips were blue,
Of days long gone, for now I realize
That love has gone
I see it
In your eyes

Earworm Source Lyrics:

“I Can See It In Your Eyes” by Colin Hay

By your leave, I think that I’ll be going now
I think I’ve stayed a little long
I looked up all my mother’s recipes
I can’t think what I did wrong

We go to a restaurant, but you don’t like wine
You say it’s love you want, but there is no time
I realize, I can see it in your eyes
You keep staring at the floor

I used to look at your school photographs
But I don’t have them anymore
I wonder who’s in my old college rooms
Or stuck on my old locker door

I dream of the ships at sea, on a stormy night
I wish that it was me, but I wake in fright
I realize, I can see it in your eyes
I’ve only got myself to blame

Winter kisses when your lips were blue
Like chasing wild geese in the snow
Pressing faces on the window panes
But that’s a long long time ago

We go to a restaurant
You say it’s love you want
I realize, I can see it in your eyes
You’re moving on to something more

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