Lighthouse in the Distance

Light and shadow, joy and pain, Temporary is all gain; Long the journey, short the stay, Exits, choices, gone astray Rain and sunshine, heat and frost, Where we’ve been, and what we’ve lost; Longing gently, shorting stock, Extricated from the clock There’s a lighthouse in the distance, There’s a beacon we can’t miss; There is … Continue reading "Lighthouse in the Distance"

a tuneless song

she gets up when she wakes up and she wakes up when she will; the snow, a crystal chalice there upon her windowsill – she gathers up her coffee in a cup to big for one, and hums a tuneless song that is for everyone and none she wanders through the wasteland that’s a day … Continue reading "a tuneless song"

A Perfect Night

[A song, written for my wife before our wedding, circa 1999. – Owen] Stars up in the heavens Shining clear and bright Lights across the water No one else in sight Just to say, “I love you,” And to hold you tight — It’s loving you that makes A perfect night It might be in … Continue reading "A Perfect Night"

for you

the day is made of flowers within these high steel walls, the city breathes a busy sort of sigh — and though i walk for hours, amid the carts and stalls, i seem to see you everywhere. and why? for you i sang a different kind of song, for you i walked the angry streets … Continue reading "for you"

A Carol By The Sea

The morning comes in misty joy, Although I wake still holding on to sadness — But this is life. The ride, the trip: Where all our sanity is tinged with madness The waves are wide and call my name, Although it’s not the name that I’ve been using; For treasures are where treasures lie, Although … Continue reading "A Carol By The Sea"

In Circles

“So why do you obsess about What you cannot control? You can’t foresee the future, Cannot peer into a soul — Why do you keep worrying With nothing left to do? What is it that Just so takes hold of you?” And she said “Yes, I go in circles, I surround the ones I love; … Continue reading "In Circles"

A Simple Thing

[These are lyrics to a song I wrote when I was in my mid-twenties. They are exactly as originally written. – Owen] They say that love’s a simple thing, well That I know is true: The love that you can freely give Will come right back to you, Will come right back to you I … Continue reading "A Simple Thing"

Morning Song

Good morning mirror I see you’ve made a change You took it on yourself My face to rearrange Good morning caffeine It’s been one of those years We can discuss the twisted Perfidy of mirrors I want to sing But I do not want to be heard I have a point But I’m afraid that … Continue reading "Morning Song"

fall days

fall days with the leaves blowing in my yard dead parts of a tree that was once so green but the tree’s still growing and so am i — fall days winter breeze putting me on guard cold hearts from a soft, southern summer scene but the heart’s still going and so am i — … Continue reading "fall days"