what didn’t happen…

she loves the autumn colors, and what’s more, they love her too; they have since she was just a little girl and this one is a golden one, and peace is on the lakeside, and she finds time to get right with her world   what didn’t happen   had to didn’t happen,   what … Continue reading "what didn’t happen…"

Then Music

Then music gave me walls when there Was no place left to hide, And lyrics made me you, so I Could lay down by your side, We danced there in my silver dream, And joy was running free — For music gave me hope when there Seemed no hope left for me. There was a … Continue reading "Then Music"

Nothing Beats Friends

Summer goes, and summer evenings Sometimes wander aimlessly; Takes us back to years and places, Timeless, easy, young, and free – So much that we lose for loving, All the obstacles time sends —     But there is nothing, nothing     That beats friends. Growing up and on together, Still in moments motion … Continue reading "Nothing Beats Friends"


What Is this moment here, in time, How Is it that we’ve come this way? Where Is the conscience of the queen, Why Do I hear a roundelay? Light As the morning, clear and true, Sharp As the pangs of love at bay, Red As the blood that pounds my ears, Why Do I hear … Continue reading "Roundelay"


We saw the world in parallax, Beyond the last horizon; Bosiah’s orange sky enraged: And rain was falling, Falling, Falling down – The rain was everywhere — Bosiah We saw the galaxies awry, In skies beyond tomorrow; Bosiah’s living heart laid bare: And rain was falling, Falling, Falling down – The rain was everywhere — … Continue reading "Bosiah"

The Poison

[Driving to work, these words started going through my head, so I wrote them down. I'm not entirely sure what they mean. - Owen]