A heart set free is limitless

A heart was once encased in stone,
From sorrows wide and troubles deep;
A heart once waited, all alone,
In fitful, troubled sleep.

A doorway opened to the light,
A light to melt e’en stone away –
A doorway to a world called life,
And far from yesterday.

Then Mirielle, she rose and walked
Into a world both strange and new;
Then Mirielle, she found the strength
When she stayed bold – and true.

And where the fitful heart breaks free,
The world of love stands beckoning;
And where went, she carried love
Far past mere reckoning.

And now, adventure waits again,
Within, without, with everywhere —
And now, she knows love can come back,
And someone else can care.

A heart was once beneath the ice,
But sunshine came, and light broke through;
A heart set free is limitless
And so, my friend,
Are you.

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