A Sonnet on Wisdom

I wish to tell the world how it should live;
But I have no idea, and so, I won’t.
I wish there were some wise words I could give
To ease your ache. There are none, so I don’t.

I drive this road, my back in stabbing pain,
The setting sun is shining in my eyes;
I cobble words together once again,
But leave you no less puzzled, no more wise.

If only I could be there, at your arm,
To touch you for a moment, and to say
That though life is uncertain, full of harm,
There will be times – tonight – that are okay.

I wish that I could tell you something more:
But this small truth is all I am good for

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5 Thoughts to “A Sonnet on Wisdom

  1. đŸ™‚ And this is why God invented the Beatles — because Owen couldn’t be everywhere.

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