A Lake at Sunset

If only I was something more —
Then maybe you would love this shell,
And not recoil from a touch;
Such constant and self-loathing hell
As I find in myself each day.
  But yes — all this is beautiful.

If only I had status — then,
You’d take to me, and want the things
I had to give. But you do not.
I’m supposed to like there are no strings,
But I’m not really made that way.
  But yeah — this is a gorgeous night.

For those of us who’ll win no prize
For wealth, nor symmetry of eyes,
  Must know that inequality
  Of this kind is, it’s plain to see,
    Accepted and approved of by
    The female half of humankind.
  For men who can no status find
  Are out of running, out of mind,
But slow to give up, asking why
They should lay down and hope

To die

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