Old Poem, Written Age 26

When I was just a little boy
A certain prayer I said;
To shield me from the scary things
Before I went to bed

I hear the words, but cannot find
What I felt with that prayer:
If I should die before I wake
I really
Just don’t


(“Old Poem, Written Age 26” – 10-20-1988)

5 thoughts on “Old Poem, Written Age 26

  1. I know this is an old poem, but I hope you never feel this way again. Anyone feeling this way should know that someone always cares for you in this world. Always.

  2. If you don’t care not getting awake
    after falling asleep in your bed
    is because life has nothing to offer
    this kind of mindset is bad to have
    usually, it comes from laughing,
    & enjoying it only by being a scoffer
    I don’t know & can’t say is your case
    to the offers we stumble upon in life
    we should do a better counteroffer.

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