Old Poem, Written Age 16

I wish I hadn’t kissed you,We should’ve left that out;‘Cause ever since we did, it’s allThat I can think about Your scent, intoxicating, andThe soft feel of your skin:I wish I’d never kissed you,Or wish I could Again

Old Poem, Age 21

When love first breaks Like dawn across the sky, Your heart fills up And all the old fears die And every cold And lonely day recedes, Within the ground Are planted golden seeds -- When love first breaks Like shattered porcelain, The heart lies broken, Filled with fears again The cold returns To fill us … Continue reading "Old Poem, Age 21"

Old Poem, Written Age 26

When I was just a little boy A certain prayer I said; To shield me from the scary things Before I went to bed I hear the words, but cannot find What I felt with that prayer: If I should die before I wake I really Just don’t Care     (“Old Poem, Written Age … Continue reading "Old Poem, Written Age 26"

Old Poem, Age 24 (Edited)

[I had completely forgotten this poem and the event it refers to. At the time, I would not have thought that possible, so hard did it hit me. – Owen] One night, you gave yourself to me   the next night you had gone away I do not understand I do not understand at all … Continue reading "Old Poem, Age 24 (Edited)"

Old Poem, Age 15 (Edited)

I glimpsed you in the food court, And I can see you still; You’ve never known I like you, And prob’ly never will I have a super-power when You’re near me though, it’s true — For without even trying I’m invisible To you

Old Poem, Written Age 29

I watched them laugh. I’d loved her once – But that was many years ago — I’m glad she’s happy, There, with him – I know I never made her so – The summer wind is all around; It’s carrying their laughter – The silence: that was us, before – The music: that’s them, After

Old Poem, Written Age 23

Storms bring the rain, And rain brings the rust, Then time leaves us aching As indeed it must — Aches lead to dying As a lone tear forms, And all turns to vapor, Which leads To storms