Old Poem, Age the Day I Proposed

If you need magic, all the time,
I may not be the one —

But if working hard at it – every day – means anything,
I’d like to be considered for
The position of us

(Besides, you are magical enough for two people)

I know many love you,
But somehow I doubt
Anyone could love your craziness
Your passion
Your curiosity and intelligence
Your strength
Or your hair
Quite like I do

You are the best song I’ve ever heard,
The best story I’ve ever walked in on in the middle,
The best friend I could ever want,
And the best person I’ve known, period

(Even when you are smiling at me upside down)

Take this journey with me and we
Will see the world
Be the world
And free the world

Or maybe we’ll just
Grow old,
Make pizza,
Watch movies,
Throw popcorn at each other,

And watch the sun set and rise
Over 30,000 days and nights
And the 30,000 different ways
I will find

To love you

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