Old Poem, Age 20

The seventeenth time I fell in love I learned important things: Like how to know when times are good, Or how to hold on when I should, And how betrayal stings. And so I sit and retrospect Love’s slow and secret climb: And realize enough to know That love will come and love will go … Continue reading "Old Poem, Age 20"

Old Poem, Age 8

I wish I could be like the leaves And simply blow away, For then I wouldn’t have to go To school again today. The teacher always yells at me, And says I do things wrong — I think I’ve got a complex, or I will have, before long. I wish it was still summer, so … Continue reading "Old Poem, Age 8"

Old Poem, Written Age 22

[I edited this pretty heavily, but tried to leave the original emotions intact. – Owen] It’s lonely on the beach tonight, Just me and one lone bird; The love I thought would never leave Has left without a word The waves still sing their lullaby, But I just cannot rest; It’s hard to think you’re … Continue reading "Old Poem, Written Age 22"

Old Poem, Written Age 19

Rachel doesn’t notice me, She likes this other guy. I guess it’s not surprising I can see the reason why: He’s kind of cool and talented. So it cannot be helped: And hell, I like him better Than I think I like Myself

Old Poem, Age 22

[This poem has been edited, and modified from it’s original version. Let’s say “to fit your screen”. – Owen] If I could take this universe And put it in a jar, I’d save this sky for you to see Whenever I am far   Away, across the galaxy, Where I must roam to live: This … Continue reading "Old Poem, Age 22"