Sketches – 51

So, how’s the hotel?

Well, the view is beautiful, but
I wish you were here

I wish I was there, too.
How were the meetings?

Not bad. The woman
Running them kept them moving

That sounds helpful.
What did you have for dinner?

I blew off the official
Dinner and wine tasting,
And had Arby’s, instead

You are such a big shot.
I ate with my mom at
Olive Garden.

How was that?

If I knew what I know now
About Olive Garden,
I would have had us invest
Every spare dollar we had
In garlic

And now,
We’d be so rich that…

… I could have come with you.


Do you still think about me
During the day?


Do. You. Think.
About me.
During the day.
Like you used to.

I do, but —

But, what?

It has changed.
A little

In what way?

There was a day last year
When we were on vacation.
You were wearing a hat.

We were at Barnsley Gardens

And you looked so happy,
So beautiful,
So full of joy.
I often see you as you were
That day

That was a great day.
I was really happy.

That’s the picture that often comes
To mind.
Laughing, and
Wearing a hat, and
Playing with your hair

Do you realize how sweet that is?

Do you realize how beautiful you are?

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