My Old Cat

I had a cat for twenty years
I got right after college;
But few live more than two decades –
At least, not to my knowledge —

I miss her often, she was sweet:
Her little voice and purr —
And I enjoyed the nine lives long
I got to spend with her

For while our lives are very short
Our many days get long;
Affection gives us reasons
When our will to live’s not strong

And my old cat was loyal
To a singularity:
A tiny creature at her max
Who meant
A lot
To me

7 thoughts on “My Old Cat

    1. Lucia (pronounced Loo-CHEE-uh) was her name. I got her from the Animal Shelter, and named her after a character from an opera.

      This is not her; however, I chose this photo because it looked almost exactly like her in size and markings at a younger age.

  1. Gorgeous! And I love “Lucia” via any means! 20 years.. wow — a family member! Her demise must’ve been devastating. You know, I’m pretty sure God has something to do with our favored pets.

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