beliefs define the limits of our minds…

beliefs define the limits of our minds
and everybody has them; even if
they think themselves beyond such ancient things,
as dwellers among well-established fact

this privileged position isn’t one
of argument, or even working thought;
it merely is asserted and affirmed
by others of like mind, who then are done

so who are they among us who don’t know
they have beliefs, like everybody else?
they’ve either no perspective, or they are
so fattened up with hubris they are blind

the poles of ignorance and arrogance
that do not know they turn around beliefs

2 thoughts on “beliefs define the limits of our minds…

  1. YES! This is absolutely true! You have articulated it so well in a poetic format. Most of us cannot receive this truth as a reality, nor even explore it, because the existential question is too threatening. Who am I if I’m not my beliefs? I could go on and on about this, but fortunate for you, I won’t! Except – to recommend the book, “Existential Psychotherapy” by Irving Yalom if you’re ever in a mood to delve. Thanks for this thoughtful post. 🙂

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