I’m not done with you yet, girl
Don’t you go to sleep
I think we’ll have trouble soon
I mean trouble deep

I have seen you shake and writhe
I want to hear more
Until you’re erupting in
Puddles on the floor

There’s no one but you and me
All senses beguiled
It is time my love for us
Time to call

The wild

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8 Thoughts to “Suadela

  1. I find it interesting that “no talent for certainty” also identifies as a beleaguered servant.
    What does Suadela mean… Is it the girl’s name ?

      1. How Etruscan of you. I am going to be publishing one about Diana of the Ephesians in five days.
        Your blog is way cool.

      2. So “National Poetry Month” is good for something after all ! I was despairing of ever finding any message-oriented witty and rhythmic stuff.
        Your verse is refreshing.
        Have you ever checked out Scarriet?
        I love it:

        They get a bit weighty and cerebral at times –
        but they are fun and poetic too.

  2. What I really like about your blog is the interplay of image with verse. The balance is just right. (just write…?)

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