8 thoughts on “Suadela

  1. I find it interesting that “no talent for certainty” also identifies as a beleaguered servant.
    What does Suadela mean… Is it the girl’s name ?

      1. How Etruscan of you. I am going to be publishing one about Diana of the Ephesians in five days.
        Your blog is way cool.

      2. So “National Poetry Month” is good for something after all ! I was despairing of ever finding any message-oriented witty and rhythmic stuff.
        Your verse is refreshing.
        Have you ever checked out Scarriet?
        I love it: http://scarriet.wordpress.com/

        They get a bit weighty and cerebral at times –
        but they are fun and poetic too.

  2. What I really like about your blog is the interplay of image with verse. The balance is just right. (just write…?)

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