Innocent Relationships

(Thanks to Evelyn at Curious Evelyn Seeks for this idea. – Owen)

I see in the world what I bring to the world,
And I bring to the world what it has brought me.

I therefore color new experiences in shades of my old ones,
Perhaps deciding that what has been
Must always be.

But it need not be so.

I can live forward,
Realizing that what comes
May be something wonderful
That I could not have imagined in former days.

I can and will enjoy innocence
Whenever it comes my way
So that I may in turn
Bring this gift

To others

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3 Thoughts to “Innocent Relationships

  1. Thank you Owen for mentioning me. I appreciate it 🙂 This poem pretty much sums up my feelings. Do you mind if I reblogged this piece?

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