Business meetings I am in
Often last forever
I might walk out if I could
But I dare not sever

My once chance to make a buck
Jobs can be so fleeting:
So I’ll just complain about
This unending meeting

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One thought to “Meeting”

  1. Folders, name tags, catered coffee –
    new ones fade into the last.
    Brainstorms, flip-charts, colored markers;
    tracing time until it’s past.

    Endless satisfaction surveys;
    client-focused, data-driven…
    rubrics, group collaborations,
    ceaseless presentations given.

    Is this hell – or am I dreaming
    while the seconds crawl toward death.
    Has our closure yet been offered?
    (as we wait with bated breath…)

    Some day will we gain credentials?
    Will we do this in the heavens?
    Shall the Lord, upon completion
    turn our sixes into sevens?

    Would I (as a soul in limbo)
    recommend to peers this training?
    Yes I would. With one condition:
    only save what’s worth retaining.

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