The sky and sea surround And you flow into me, The sun and surf a pathway to Our own infinity There is a truth that tells itself — It’s past all words, or knowing — Like lovers on the edge of time, Surrendering And flowing

Where The Magic Truly Is

Worked out, an early morning, And then rushed out the door, And left a tattered yoga mat Just sitting on the floor. Came home twelve hours later My granddaughter was there, All two years old, who followed me As I slumped in a chair. She’d never seen the mat before, But wide were soon her … Continue reading "Where The Magic Truly Is"

learners – 1

to show that she could take the pain, and wasn’t just a child, she left herself without recourse along the river wild so while we question afterward just what we were pursuing, to find out if we have the strength, we have to learn by doing


I sat up late into the night and read, Inside a room wall-lined with books on books. I tried to learn the secrets of the stars. A hero, someone who could be admired — This was my fervent hope, my secret wish. But who was I that anyone would love? For strength and sacrifice, magnetic … Continue reading "Star-Seeker"

Dispositions – 2

The pathway winds, and takes us here; The wind is blowing through the panes, And there’s a calculation left. But it’s not one of sums or gains, But how it is we got so old From what was yesterday a child, And went from lives of wild abandon To life abandoned in the wild

Within the Lake – 8

Where are the eyes that once foresaw? Where are the polychromous dreams That danced upon the waters edge Of joyous new tomorrows? Where are the cities, crystalline, And rising up against the sky? Where are the animals, so soft, At one with us, in nature — They’ve gone to a not-forgotten place, By a lake … Continue reading "Within the Lake – 8"