Within the Lake – 7

His daddy told him that He would live through it: The girl who broke his heart But never knew it He knew his chance with her Was the remotest — She didn’t scorn: She never even noticed   But this is how the world   Is built, is wired:   The inequality of who’s   … Continue reading "Within the Lake – 7"

Within the Lake – 6

I hoped, if I could understand, And see the world for what and how It is, that I’d in wisdom grow, And be somewhere that I’m not now But mine has been a life unlike I ever thought could come to be: To stay outside the lake of fear, Only to find that it resides … Continue reading "Within the Lake – 6"

Within the Lake – 4

When I knew Alice, I was mad. But I can still remember That she was usually serene — Not given much to temper — Because, she said, she’d known the touch Of sunshine, and of sorrow, And that she’d just enjoy the now And (maybe) fret tomorrow. We sat out in the summer sun, And … Continue reading "Within the Lake – 4"

Within the Lake – 3

The water is a world, itself; The sky a reckoning — I feel the earth now calling me, Its soil beckoning — The fire that was once my heart Has lost its fuel for burning; The water shows the changing sky In transitory churning, And I am like a memory That lives but now in … Continue reading "Within the Lake – 3"

Within the Lake – 2

Upon a golden heart may sit A silver plate of reticence; To say, to do, to fully feel — To flee from ones own innocence — These are the carryings of some Who circumstance will not abet To lead them to where freedom lives Away from waters of Regret

Within the Lake – 1

What fills us Came from the outside Yet’s our shape. We human lakes that Sit apart, In mountain shadows, Never still, Yet going nowhere, Ceaselessly.


She gathers boys within a storm She doesn’t know she’s making: She’s genuinely unconcerned For she is no-part faking. She has a life to live, she isn’t In attention basking: Approval, she needs not from your or me, And she’s Not asking

Toy Town

He gathers toys around him now. His wife and daughter lost and gone; A train set in the living room Each tiny house a tiny lawn A metal, plastic, textured world That seems devoid of heart or soul, But makes at least a corner where He can pretend he has Control