The Ones Who Showed

Tonight, I miss the ones who showed. To see a paramecium; About symbolic logic, and The formulas for premium; The poetry of Robert Frost, The Howard Hanson Symphonies; The colors of a Van Gogh sky, The truth hidden in memories. What great short stories were about; The way to shoot a basketball, The way to … Continue reading "The Ones Who Showed"

Dreams of Our Forebears – Epilogue

Behold, the play unfolds, and I Am seated near the center row: I hear the voice of yesterday, Those too-familiar strains I know – That we do means everything; That’s there no “thing” we can’t arrange, And that we’re unsuspecting of A vanity That does not Change

Dreams of Our Forebears – Installations

We’ll win the war from here. We will Map strategy, and train our troops, And no will withstand what we unleash. This is our sacred cause: To uphold and defend the motherland From all who would invade: And not to turn on those Who forced us here.

Dreams of Our Forebears – Ships and Boats

The waterways are still the best: Less friction there to overcome. No lift or drag to deal with like Those crazy air machines. This country’s made for boats – Our waterways, pristine – And we’re a nautical folk, still, At heart.

Dreams of Our Forebears – Farming

No visions of a world that’s fed, No scientific marvel: No path to grander, finer things Of silk or gold or marble, Just having someplace they can work And try to be together, And fight against the evil ones: Mortality And weather

Dreams of Our Forebears – Luxury

These cottages within the view Of sweeping sand and ocean, Will certainly bring those who feel The rush of pure emotion That comes when one has luxury, That beacon of effulgence: The first resort or last resort Of humans is Indulgence

Dreams of Our Forebears – Mountainsides

We built upon the mountainsides; We built within the valleys. Far from our forerunners’ delight In cobbled streets, and alleys We built to see the Hand of God Come sweeping up, majestic: The unity of nature in A scene that’s still Domestic