The Ones Who Showed

Tonight, I miss the ones who showed.

To see a paramecium;
About symbolic logic, and
The formulas for premium;
The poetry of Robert Frost,
The Howard Hanson Symphonies;
The colors of a Van Gogh sky,
The truth hidden in memories.

What great short stories were about;
The way to shoot a basketball,
The way to let a phrase just breathe,
To see the picture overall.
The way a cat can come to trust,
The harmonies in Debussy;
The reasons why we might enjoy
And need a little tragedy.

But most of all, tonight, I miss
The one who taught me how to read,
The teacher who lived in our house;
Who wanted us all to succeed.
There is joy in discovery
For we are learning creatures:
And now I miss the loving ones
Who spent their lives

As teachers

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