24 Indulgences – XXIV

And so I have indulged myself With every stray thought in my head, And though I’ll post this in the morn, It’s time for me to go to bed Where I can close my eyes and see More images for keeping, And where I can indulge myself With just a little Sleeping

24 Indulgences – XXIII

There’s this weird condition some people have Where they despise anyone who’s not the ‘best’ at something, Even though they themselves aren’t really good at anything. I played the piano as a kid, and I found out that, it turns out, Absolutely everybody is an expert on music, Even though few people can actually do … Continue reading "24 Indulgences – XXIII"

24 Indulgences – XXII

He built his house upon a hill To free him from distraction, The lived his days in busy-work, Avoiding interaction He played out on a tire-swing He’d had somebody fetch him — But what good is a tire-swing With nobody To catch him?

24 Indulgences – XXI

It was so hot last Saturday That I (I am afraid) Insulted my worst enemy Just hoping he’d Throw shade

24 Indulgences – XX

Divorce: it is a word so full of pain, He will not say it, nor will speak her name; To lose so much – it cuts against his grain, And all he knows to use is spite, and blame — But, Lord — sometimes within the honest night, He sees her as he knew her … Continue reading "24 Indulgences – XX"

24 Indulgences – XIX

The moon that she was promised Has crumbled into dust, The stars that she was told she owned Turned to decay and rust But then, she started life anew, And found, to her delight That all these things are beautiful When someone gives them Right

24 Indulgences – XVIII

Sometimes I think I hear you, Across the field or lake, Sometimes I think I see you, And do a double-take Sometimes I think I miss you, Though years have since grown long — Sometimes I think I have no right When I did you So wrong

24 Indulgences – XVII

I see the world better in illustrations   than I see with my eyes, The world is just clearer in pen and ink,   where, stripped of all disguise, We can see the beauty, the flaws, and all —   the whole in every part — That’s why it’s much harder to learn from life … Continue reading "24 Indulgences – XVII"

24 Indulgences – XVI

In summertime, the children dream Of books they’ve read and water splashed, Of superpowers they have used Against the foes with whom they’ve clashed And night is frog-and-cricket songs, With moonlight bright and gleaming — In summertime, the children dream Because there’s time For dreaming