24 Indulgences – XXIII

There’s this weird condition some people have
Where they despise anyone who’s not the ‘best’ at something,
Even though they themselves aren’t really good at anything.

I played the piano as a kid, and
I found out that, it turns out,
Absolutely everybody is an expert on music,
Even though few people can actually do it.

So I got lots of advice when
I began to play professionally.

Others would ask if I could play
This or that,
Disappointed or even scornful
If I could not.
Or would not.

I see people like that still:
Experts on sports, politics, business —
You name it.
When I do, I remember why
I turned away from music as a profession:

Which was,
Because I loved music more,
Much more,
Than I loved competition or

Pleasing others

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One thought to “24 Indulgences – XXIII”

  1. Yep:) I never was good enough to be a professional pianist but I do know the quest for perfection in playing leads to less enjoyment. The flaws of real and played music are what makes it like the human that plays it. Also, I really love all your poetry. It is beautiful and authentic and haunting :)!

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