Elements – Love

Life is hard; love is hard work. This may not seem too glamorous, But what is worth keeping is worth All kinds of effort For some expectations Are a type of poison; They make us think that Life will be easy, and love Will come without struggle But love is a thing good in itself; … Continue reading "Elements – Love"

Elements – Trust

From within or from above, What you have to have for love To continue and to thrive — So, keep trust alive. In our doing and our saying, Being true and not betraying, Meaning, and not merely playing, Keeping trust alive — Trust’s disciples, be adherent: As a lover and a parent, Be the truth … Continue reading "Elements – Trust"

Elements – Hope

Anxiety’s mirror image; to see The future’s possibility, And not dread it, but to thrive: When we keep hope, then hope keeps us Alive

Elements – Joy

What life is for What we are for What meaning is What really is For joy’s so real That we can touch and kiss it — What we might miss When we’re afraid We’ll miss it

Elements – Air

gentle, brushing through my hair, silently and everywhere, that one thing that we all share, just the common air filling us as we invite it, one expanse, but undivided, precious, but so oft derided, just the common air no one thinks it common, in the moments that its rare — we, the common heir of … Continue reading "Elements – Air"

Elements – Fire

The danger that we’re attracted to The power we think that we can use The anger that rages in our blood The merciless eye who calls in dues The architect of dystopia, The leveler of all who presume, The touch that we have to know to fear From feeling its will to just Consume

Elements – Water

Ever-flowing, always-changing, Any place that life is ranging, With itself all times exchanging, Substance of ablution Peace within its endless sounding, Surface calm, but life abounding, Raised within it at our founding, Primitive solution Interacting elemental, Often rather temperamental, Violent crash or wavelet gentle, Going, always going — Water is as ice and vapor, Serving … Continue reading "Elements – Water"

Elements – Earth

Connected still by roots, although We feel ourselves excessively ambulatory, We live tied to that which gives us life, Sacred everywhere at all times, and nowhere today, We of the earth, by the earth, on the earth. Children play in dirt, as though remembering their Original inheritance; in the end, we return to the earth, … Continue reading "Elements – Earth"