Elements – Telling

Tell your story on the way,
You’re the only one who knows;
Life’s a brief enough endeavor,
Soon, too soon, it comes and goes —

You’ve had love, and joy, and laughter,
You’ve felt sorrow’s painful swelling:
All the same, but each one different —
And your story’s in

Its telling

Elements – Asking

In wonder are we born
And meant to live.
The questions that we ask
Are part of what makes
Human beings human.

But soon some feel,
That answering means power,
Not conversing.
So they stop asking questions,
Thinking those a sign
Of weakness.

They’re so wrong.

Questions, like emotions,
Make things happen;
Asking, like loving,
Is part of all worth


Elements – Thinking

We all need time for thinking,
Though few get very much,
But if we cannot find the time
We will grow out of touch

For thinking shows us how are feet
Have wandered from the path,
And helps us with life’s certainties,
Like taxes, and like math —

Or taking stock of all that we
Might mean to do, but haven’t —
So when you can, get thinking time,
Or make it, like,

A habit

Elements – Giving Back

We work for love,
We work for funds,
We do each in their season:
But sometimes we may give, and it’s
For quite another reason —

Though some may think of it as love,
It’s more a rarity,
To give our things, our funds, our time,
For what’s called charity.

To know we are community,
A part of all things living:
And that the best things can’t be had,
But come our way

From giving