Of Topmost Importance

They say I write of common things,
Eschew the controversial:
Like I am just some writing whore,
Who’s interests are commercial

But from hard questions I won’t flinch
With fire in my belly —
Like which should go the topside up:
The p.b. or the jelly?

(Note: the author of this blog disavows any responsibility if the reader of this post (a) is hungry now and (b) it is the middle of the night. – Owen)

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7 Thoughts to “Of Topmost Importance

  1. It’s obvious that the jelly goes on top. Otherwise, you’d get peanut butter all over your face, and everyone knows that peanut butter is a lot harder to clean than jelly. 🙂

  2. Anyway . . . A true artist can show the beauty of the mundane. No need for soap box. There’s plenty already being used out there. Just be yourself and write what your heart leads you to write.

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