In Country Hills

Today, I drove in country hills
Where once you rode along with me:
The past became the present as
It all came back in memory

You wore a dress of blue and white,
Your hands were folded as you’d gaze
Out at the scenes of rolling green:
The end of summer holidays

But now I look and you’re not there.
The same sweet vista spans below:
And still I hear the echoes of
A love lost

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4 Thoughts to “In Country Hills

  1. Reblogged this on No Talent For Certainty and commented:
    Not terribly long ago, I drove back through a town where I had a girlfriend while in college. The roads and the town, in defiance of the usual custom, looked exactly as I remembered them looking 30 years prior. Two things came out of this trip: (1) I had the best fried chicken lunch I’ve ever had; and (2) this poem.

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