Fall Carnival

Young love, what it felt like. A clear Autumn day – Golden leaves, a blue sky, the bright carnival way; At fourteen years old with my very true love A large crowd around us, a few clouds above The roar and the music, the beautiful girl, My mind in a passion, my heart in a whirl … Continue reading "Fall Carnival"

I Wander Freely

I wander freely in and out of dreams Along a path where long ago we walked; By tires on long ropes, swung over streams, Where crickets chirped and frogs croaked as we talked – And as young lovers do, we also did. I loved the shy excitement of your eyes; Your quick’ning breath, as on … Continue reading "I Wander Freely"

The Memory I Have of You

The memory I have of you Is one that’s ever-dimming now; As other lands and other climes Take over my recall – But still, I see a fading bridge, A perfect sort of summer day, Just past the edge of words and rhymes: I almost See it all

The Song

Just walking through a grocery store And then he heard the song; Somehow, it brought back everything He’d buried for so long They were so very young, and she So beautiful and sweet; The first time that he kissed her He could hear his own heart beat Why did he throw it all away? How … Continue reading "The Song"

Stream of Regret

She remembers them walking this way, so in love; but, as she’s sadly learned, meaningful feelings can be attached to meaningless relationships. For she meant nothing to him, and only the intensity of her own desire ever made her think he did.


When I was sentient, I knew a man Whose hobby was to build things out of cards: At least I think. For my attention span Is very short, and doubtful in regards To any but the widest boulevards That truth or lone veracity might take And subject to drive off, without a brake At any … Continue reading "Card-Builder"

The Distorting Power of Memory

As I recall, you loved me, And thought that I was great; You wanted to have kids with me, And couldn’t hardly wait For wedding bells and honeymoon. At least, so I recall — It’s strange how you remember Never loving me At all